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Hostility Clothing is a style built for those who aren’t satisfied with a safe life. It is a style designed to fit the aggressive and competitive lifestyle of the extreme sports community. In support of this community Hostility is the proud sponsor of sportsmen in many of the most prolific extreme sports. Hostility sponsored riders appear in MMA, FMX, MOTO, surfing and skating.

The 187 clothing lines that carries for both men and women reflect a respect for this adventurous lifestyle. The men’s lines include vast quantities of T-shirts (+Premium), tanks, hoodies and long-sleeves. The Women’s selection includes tees, tops, tubes, hoodies, long-sleeves, and dresses & skirts. Hostility Clothing concepts emphasize dark backgrounds with bright colors overlaid. They typically feature attractive branding and original designs with strong personality.

In addition to the extensive clothing lines, hostility offers a large range of accessories that reflect the bold style that Hostility has created. They offer socks, hats, belts, bandanas, banners, stickers, bags, and graphic kits to customize other apparel and equipment.



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Living a safe life is no fun. If you are ready to live on the edge, you have come to the right place. With Hostility Clothing, you will have access to a variety of styles that fit into your day to day life.

From hats and hoodies for guys to skirts and dresses for women, you know you will find exactly what you are looking for - plus so much more.

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